Starting at $379. Our most popular design package. Provides a functional plot-plan while offering 3-dimensional snapshots of the conceptual. The 3-D helps our clients gain a better understanding of what their outdoor living space will feel like. Includes itemized quote with options, materials list, costs refunded with signed agreement.

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Award winning comprehensive design services

We offer 3 custom design packages. 


Starting at $949. Great for clients who want to “phase-in” a larger project and visualize what each phase will look like. Also, great if you want to see three different design options such as “Silver, Gold, Platinum”. Includes itemized quote with options, materials list, costs refunded with signed agreement.”

Each package includes:

Itemized quote with options
Materials list
Costs refunded on contract acceptance.


Starting at $189. This is our foundational design package. Provides a functional plot-view conceptual to work from. Also, great for contractors in need of design consulting. Includes itemized quote with options, materials list, costs refunded with signed agreement.

Our Design Process

Do you have ideas of what you want your dream landscape to look like but are having a hard visualizing it?  Cornerstone Outdoor Living offer award-winning design packages that will help you bring those ideas to life. With three distinct packages, we have something to fit every need and budget.

1.  To begin this design process, give us a call or reach out to us through our contact page. A Cornerstone Outdoor Living designer will schedule a time to meet with you personally at your home. They will gather your ideas, must-haves, and budget in order to personalize your design. At this time, it is best to have pictures, magazine clippings, Pinterest pins or rough sketches of the designs that have inspired you to take this next step. A property survey or plot is also helpful for design planning, setbacks, etc.

2.  You will choose between one of our three design packages (see below). Pricing will be determined by the size and scope of your project. Signed agreements will receive a full refund of the design price credited toward their project.

3.  From here, your designer will begin work on your personalized outdoor living space. Most designs turn around between 1-3 weeks. After the design has been rendered, your designer will schedule a second appointment to present your new design. The renderings will be accompanied by a detailed proposal with multiple options.

4.  Any requested revisions will then be made. Upon your acceptance of these revisions and a final proposal, you will be placed on our construction schedule, and wait in anticipation for your new outdoor living project to come to life!

award winning Conceptual Design

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